More Than Just a Blog

I write than just the ‘blog’ postings you can find elsewhere on this website. Some of them are resources that could be used in worship. These have been uploaded to Worship Cloud. You can follow this link to find them and more about the material on that site.

But I have written other – stand alone – material. These can be reached through this page on this website. I’m still writing so, if you like what you read, come back from time to time to check if anything new has been added.

These are current contents of this site. To go to the full listing just click on the link at the top of each synopsis.

Voices is an anthology of my writings. It consists mainly of first person accounts of events in the Bible that might have been given by the people there at the time. Originally these were written for use in worship meetings. Also in this volume are most of the other material listed below. During lock down, I have been investigating the possibility of ‘print on demand’. After much re-formatting I am pleased to say that you can order your own copy from Amazon. This is the link. If you are interested but would prefer to ‘try before you buy’, send me a message through the ‘comment’ tab on this page, together with a ‘snail mail’ address and I’ll send you an inspection copy.

Parables as mentioned elsewhere on this site tells all the teaching stories that Jesus used in a single narrative. It is designed as a street theatre show with a cast of thousands but could be presented in many different styles and a variety of casts.

The Folks Upstairs was inspired when on a Palm Sunday morning I open my bedroom curtains to find two police cars parked in front of the small block of flats I live in. As the morning unfolded it became clear that something tragic had happened to the couple upstairs. This is my version of those events. It does not have a happy ending but may be a salutary tale for us all as we emerge from our enforced isolation.

Acceptance started as a mnemonic to help me to come to terms with where I was with my relationship with God. When relaxing in the Greek sunshine it became something more.

Conversations is a series of short drama pieces suitable for use in services or on other occasions exploring aspects of our faith and our calling.

Let’s Do Lunch is an original approach to Church Fellowship that is as old as the Bible itself. It will transform your church – All you need to do is to add people and food. It has been popular to ask ‘What would Jesus do?’ but we suggest that instead you ask yourself ‘What DID Jesus do?’ A quick reading of the Gospel accounts and of the post resurrection appearances will reveal that he did a lot of sitting down and eating. In Biblical times this was hospitality. This led me to design a kit to encourage you and the others in Fellowship – and those wanting to know more about what makes your Church Family different – to do the same.

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