What is an Unconventional Disciple?

Disciple: A follower, an adherent,one who takes another as teacher and model.

Unconventional: One whose attitude or behaviour is not the same as most other people in their group or society.

In the context of this website I term myself the unconventional disciple.

I call myself a disciple because the teacher and model that I try to follow, and whose teachings I try to adhere to, is Jesus Christ. Because of that I have come to faith in Jesus as my lord and my friend, enabling me to call myself a Christian.

I am unconventional because I have come to believe that the manner in which I am to witness my faith goes against conventional practice. This will become clearer as I add further blog entries and additional pages to this website. So, if you are interested, do please check back regularly. If you like what you read please consider subscribing to the blog and telling your friends.

Always happy to receive comments and will read them all but reserve the right over their publication.

If you want to know more about me, look at the ‘Who is the unconventional disciple?

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